Valuing your ‘self’ in 2013

Me and Kim in Bali

I’m currently enjoying a three-week holiday in Bali, Indonesia, with my beautiful daughter Kimberley, to celebrate her 30th birthday. I flew from New Zealand and Kim flew from UK. To be honest financially I can’t afford another holiday in 2012, but I’m confident the universe will bring me the funds I need to cover the priceless value of spending this time with my daughter.

We can always make more money, but we can’t make more time.

I’m honoured to currently have six paying Holistic Life Coaching clients, who I’ll catch up with early in 2013 and continue to support on their journeys to awaken their life to whatever possibilities they wish to embrace.

In order to complete my Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching, I need just one more client for my case study hours – eight one-hourly sessions (face-to-face in Gisborne, or by Skype from anywhere in the world).

When, as a group, we initially began coaching in July 2011, getting clients was fairly easy – but at that point it was free! Since July 2012 we’ve been tasked with charging clients, to show how much we value our time and our clients, and it’s been more of a struggle.

I wonder if it’s because people don’t value their ‘selves’ as much as they could – they will frequently spend money on a haircut, a meal, or a new dress – ‘outer’ things. When it comes to inner development maybe people don’t feel they’re worthy enough?

Or maybe it’s because they’re frightened of change – by committing to seeing a Holistic Life Coach, you lay yourself open to exposing what’s going on in your head and your heart – what’s working, what’s not, and the vital component why not.

Where do you want to be and go? And why are you not taking steps to get there?

For things to change, I must change

For many people (including me at times) it’s just less hassle to stay stuck in your ‘comfort zone’, the place you know, even if you don’t particularly like it there. Change takes effort and can give birth to FEAR; but if you don’t let go of something, and be brave enough to take a leap of faith in life, how can you make space for the new?

I’m gradually letting go of many of the components that had previously made my life so ‘busy’. For a while longer I need to work as a midwife in order to earn the money to pay the bills. However I know I’ll soon focus more of my time and energy on coaching, and I will attract clients who resonate with me and who I can support to find new ways of living.

As Libby Weaver says in her book ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome – “… women in the 21st century are finding it more and more challenging to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty.

My intention in 2013 is to say ‘no’ to anything that may impact upon the time I’m freeing up to really embrace my new future as a Holistic Life Coach.

What are your intentions for 2013?

What will you let go of to make space for something new and exciting to enter your life, and let go of the FEAR attached to it?

Watch this space …

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