How can I be happy when the world is so terrible?

Does this resonate with you?  Many people believe they can’t possibly be happy when there are so many awful things happening in the world – it’d be far too ‘selfish’.

If you identify with this, my question would be “How does that serve you and those close to you?”












New beginnings

How would it be if you loved and valued your ‘self’ first and foremost, and began to look at the world through a whole new lens?  One where everything is magical and wondrous, where we all have a choice to be happy, regardless of our particular circumstances?  That people come into our lives for a reason, and we choose to embrace this and allow ourselves to be open to limit-less possibilities, or we can completely miss opportunities by being closed off and fearful of change – believing we don’t ‘deserve’ to be happy because others aren’t.

Each day brings the chance of new beginnings, if we can be awaken to them and see the bright side instead of focussing constantly on the dark side.  Some days we may want to just sit and be, and that’s ok, so long as we’re making a conscious choice.

How would it feel if you stopped reading the papers and watching the TV – for a day, a week, a month or longer?  The media are going to feed you as much drama and negativity as possible – it makes gripping reading and viewing, they have to earn a living, and the ‘bad news’ persuades your brain that the world is indeed a dreadful and dangerous place.

But look around you – is it really?

It‘s a wonderful world, filled with miracles, if you’re open and willing to embrace them.  Agreed natural and man-made disasters occur somewhere daily – this has always been so since the beginning of time, and will continue to be.

Do you really believe you can ‘make’ another person happy, or change/prevent the suffering that goes on in the world?  We can certainly spread random acts of kindness and be more loving towards anyone our lives touch, releasing any need for having it returned.  It’s when we give with the expectation of return that can lead to disappointment and resentment, or we forgo our own happiness due to feelings of ‘guilt’ over events we have no control of.

In her book called ‘The Happiness Project’, Gretchen Rubin suggests …

‘… people cultivate unhappiness as a way to control others.  They cling to unhappiness because without it they’d forgo the special consideration that unhappiness secures; the claim to pity and attention.’

Makes you think doesn’t it …

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