Finding ways to prioritise and simplify your life

Time Pressure On A Woman With Red Background

Overwhelmed and time poor?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when life feels like a series of juggling acts between work and home.

At times it can feel as though you’re trying to keep a dozen or more plates spinning on poles, like they do at the circus, never really getting anywhere but too afraid to stop in case one of them is sent crashing to the floor and you lose all control.

I’ve been feeling a little that way of late, and one of the casualties has been this blog.

Apart from a hastily put-together short post after I was contacted to see if I’d publicise Bear Grylls ‘overcoming personal challenges’ TV programme, I haven’t turned a draft into a ‘publish’ since late February (and there’s a few filed waiting their turn).


I’ve learnt over my too many years to mention on this planet, there’s times when you feel so bogged down by unexpected events, that in order to reduce the unmanageable stress in your life you need to prioritise where you put your energy.

And that means allowing, and being okay with, a plate or two dropping.

One of the ways I’ve discovered is to ask myself whether each thing I do HAS to be done by me.

The two minute rule

Some years ago found a really useful ‘two minute rule’ which I printed out, attached to my computer, and followed when I worked as a ‘Midwifery Educator and Quality Co-ordinator’ in New Zealand:

Delegate it

Defer it

Delete it

Drop it

It’s mainly for email correspondence, but you get the picture.

Using your time and energy wisely

Living one of my dreams cruising the canals and rivers of UK on a narrowboat is an incredible experience, and one I hope we can continue for a long while.

However, returning to live in England has meant my closer proximity to family here brings responsibilities, as well as wonderful times together. My elderly father (he’s an amazing 94 years old), hasn’t been too well in the past few months. I know time with him is precious, and that’s been a priority.

But like most other people, we do need to earn money, both to live day-to-day and for my kiwi husband to apply for the next round of his British residency visa.

And whilst one-to-one coaching is something I love to do, supporting people to let go of limiting beliefs and discover what’s stopping them from living their dreams, I’m mindful that a nomadic narrow boating life will only allow me to take on a limited number of clients.

So this year I’ve begun another income stream, quite similar to an aspect of life coaching where we support clients to connect with their inner child. And I’ve discovered I have quite a talent for it – face painting! The delight on children’s (and adults come to that!) faces when they see themselves transformed is so energising.

I also write a blog about our boating, and have done since 2009. It’s one of the aspects of marketing for my husband’s business ‘The Home Brew Boat‘ which he’s set up on board and on-line this year. So again, that’s a priority.

Slow coaching

Last year I wrote a post called ‘Introducing the SLoW coach’.

It’s been one of my most popular posts.

And it’s also led to another opportunity to support people to find more life in their lives.

Many life coaches promote themselves as being there to support and encourage you to have and do more. And that’s great – for some people.

But what about doing less and BEING MORE? That’s what the evidence is pointing to currently, the tide is turing on the busyness we’ve been engulfed in.

Seriously, by stopping and reflecting, by being more mindful about what’s serving us and what’s slamming doors in our faces, we can focus on one thing at a time.

Prioritising your life

* In what ways do you deal with the feeling that you can’t possibly fit everything you ‘need’ to do into each day?

Contact me if you’re interested in knowing more about Slow Coaching …


    1. Thanks Louise. I’m excited too, it’s all taking shape – slowly but surely and will be an amazing resource for people who want more life in their days – imagine having your dream job AND a fantastic work/life balance? I guess you and I have/are achieving this, so it’s uplifting to be able to support others to do this too 😉


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