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Like many of you reading, I’ve been that driven career-focussed woman who puts others first, balancing everyone else’s needs and wondering when there may be a slither of time for ME.

Despite this I’ve always retained a keen sense of adventure and joie de vivre.

Spending 35 years in a variety nursing and midwifery roles, I practiced in the United Kingdom and most recently up until March 2013, eight years in New Zealand.

For much of the time I loved my vocation, moving in and out of clinical practice and leadership roles, wanting to ‘make a difference‘ to midwives and women. During my years in the health service I’ve mentored, supervised, coached and educated, inspiring others to be the change they want to see rather than thinking their circumstances are someone else’s ‘fault’, or that they’re powerless to do and think differently.

Becoming a Life Coach has been a progression of one of my ‘somedays’, having first investigated the possibility in 2002.

Coaching since mid-2011, in March 2013 I completed a two-year ‘Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching’ with Life Coach Associates, Auckland, NZ.

Where am I now?

Rather than resting on our laurels and enjoying life in our ‘comfort zone’ during our fifties, my husband and I decided to take a risk, sell up our home and most of our possessions, and live a life less ordinary.

In March 2013 we returned to England to be closer to my family, and bought a narrowboat (‘AREandARE’).  We live on the boat, cruising the inland waterways, or sitting still in a marina over the winter. This is also my coaching space – usually surrounded by the beauty of nature.

I’ve been able to find opportunities to overcome life’s challenges and follow my own dreams for many years. I would love to be your Life Coach and inspire you to discover ways to awaken YOUR life to its highest potential.

Contact me – you’ve nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Identifying and untangling your limiting beliefs, I can support you to gain clarity around where you’ve travelled from, how you arrived in your present, and what (or who) you may be holding onto that no longer serves you, so you can move forward to live the life you’ve imagined.

Clients have said my qualities as a Life Coach include being a good listener, intuitive, patient and calm, with a positive outlook and understanding nature, challenging where appropriate, insightful, humorous, and able to keep them ‘on track’ to follow their dreams and goals for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Contact me for a complimentary, no-obligation half-hour chat to see if Life Coaching with me would resonate with you – click for my online scheduling diary to find a suitable day and time

+44 (0)7456001553

Twitter: @awakenlife

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    1. Hi Don
      Thank you for your inspiring feedback, it means a lot to me.
      Fantastic that you have a life coach for a friend – let me know if you want any more support and if I can help.
      Go well 🙂


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