Coaching journey possibilities

  • Are you stuck at a crossroads and looking for direction?
  • Are you putting obstacles and barriers in the way of changing your life, even though you’re not happy?
  • Are there things you’ve always wanted to be and do, and feel that time is running out?
  • Are you afraid to move your self to where you want to be until you have everything lined up and ‘perfect’?
  • Have you had enough of the be more, do more, earn more, have more society and believe there must be a better way?
  • Do you believe there’s more to life than where you currently are, physically and/or metaphorically?

Maybe you need a supportive, yet challenging guide as you unravel the meaning of your life, seek your passion, awaken your dreams, calm and soothe your restless soul while it transitions and explores living a life less ordinary …

Initial meeting

I offer a free, no-obligation discovery session online, or phone (UK only), to discover whether coaching with me could support your growth.  

Wherever you are in the world, click here to schedule a mutually suitable day and time.

Possibilities include:

Getting clarity and focus

Four sessions, usually over a maximum of three months (£280)

Four sessions, generally weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on your needs and my availability.

We’ll look together at the whole of your life, explore and identify what may be limiting you from moving forward, and discover what you want to build on to increase your happiness.

The initial session will be around one and a half hours long, with following sessions generally around three quarters to one hour in length, by phone (UK or NZ) or Skype (anywhere in the world), and include the option of weekly email support.

Clarity, focus and action

Six sessions, usually over a maximum of six months (£420)

Six sessions, generally weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on your needs and my availability.

As above, though setting and actioning goals will to be progressed further than during the four session package.

One off

Single sessions (£75)

There’s the option of one-off sessions for specific life-limiting issues, though these are primarily focussed on maintenance and support coaching following a four or six session package.

Payment terms

Payment terms can be considered, please contact me and we can discuss what would meet your needs at this time. Paypal payment is preferred, which will take any currency, and there is an option for interest free longer term payment options if required. 


I  abide by ‘Life Coach Associates’  Professional Code of Ethics, and am a member of and abide by the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.


If you don’t find what suits your needs here, please contact me and let’s see if there’s another way I can support you.

Contact me

Contact me today, you’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain, let’s see if we can journey together ..

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