I realise it may be more powerful to have client’s names and other details here, but due to my commitment to client confidentiality, these have mostly not been included.

CK from Oxford, UK (8 sessions)

“From a rather sceptical beginning, I was amazed at the whole experience of life coaching.  Over the course of 8 hour long sessions we covered a huge range of emotions, joy, sadness, hope, fear and much more. Each session left me feeling upbeat and optimistic and each time I grew a little more. 

After 8 sessions of coaching and the 90 day goals, I have achieved the following:

  • Lost 45 lb in weight and dropped 3 dress sizes
  • Started a new job and my own little business enterprise
  • Gained clarity over my personal relationships and the confidence to take control of this area of my life, instead of going with the flow
  • Survived Christmas debt free and with a savings plan and healthy bank balance for 2014

I never dreamed that a fraction of this would be possible and I can wholeheartedly recommend Sandra as an inspiring coach, who is intuitive enough to understand your limits and challenge you accordingly.  She had total faith in me from day 1 and now that has rubbed off on me.  This has literally been a life changing experience and I would recommend to all.”

ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching client MH, from Malvern, UK (6 sessions)

“Sandra is a coach who is prepared to get stuck in and find out what really is going on. Always mindful of the wider context, Sandra has a natural way of seeking a deeper understanding of the client’s world. Sandra is very easy to work with, and I very much enjoyed our sessions together.

Face-to-face and Skype client from NZ (6 sessions)

“I was extremely sceptical about ‘life coaching’ thought it to be an Americans answer to all problems, but despite this I found my coaching sessions to be very real and revealing, allowing me to become focused and confident in making changes in my life allowing me to become a happier more accepting person. Thank you Sandra”

Face-to-face client in NZ (4 sessions)

“Life coaching is not about being told how to live your life.  For me it was about opening my mind and finding the balance in my life.  It is about finding motivation and focus and being aware of the important things in life.  
Life coaching also gave me some skills to overcome challenges in my life and I use these often, so thank you Sandra for your time and patience.” 

Skype client in UK (6 sessions):

I thought I would give you a quick update on what I was thinking about one item that stuck with me, and that was the circles. For whatever reason, the fluorescent pink circle for my past really stood out.
On giving this further thought and talking to my close friends, it became clear to me that this was like a neon sign flashing away and distracting me from the here and now and my future, so I decided to try something on the anniversary of my dad’s passing.
On the day, I placed bright pink carnations on his gravestone, taking pictures of the flowers and the surrounding scenery. It was a lovely sunny day with really nice views of the river …
I have to tell you that this, along with your sessions, has really helped me to move on and feel more comfortable about me and the ‘now’.
There are a couple of other things I am going to try, and feel really excited about today and the next.
Thanks for all your support and understanding, you have been an inspiration

Face-to-face client in NZ (8 sessions)

I was at a cross roads of life – felt I had many options to consider re work & home life & unsure which direction to take. I wasn’t sure what I expected (from life coaching) really, but with the expert guidance, without pressure, you helped explore issues I had come up with & helped me clearly look at ways of moving forward. The ‘hoops’ were a great way for me to examine my feelings & I still use this for myself.
Thank you for your support, care, nurturing, understanding, listening, solutions, prompting, guidance, expertise & love though our life coaching sessions. They have truly helped me in many ways in both work and personal life.

Face-to-face client in NZ & Skype from Australia (8 sessions)

If you are wanting to gain greater insight and awareness of how you have the potential to improve your quality of life – Life Coaching is for you. It assisted me to identify harmful patterns that had emerged in my life, and assisted me to develop strategies to manage and cope with these. It provided me with the opportunity to reflect and assess where my life was headed, and develop goals to ensure I was living the life I desired. It increased my awareness of the importance of living in the present, JUST BEING. Highly recommended.

Skype client in NZ (4 sessions)

I came to see Sandra to get some life balance back, to learn skills to control stress and to enjoy life again. Sandra asked some tough questions and made me tackle, or at least be aware of, some beliefs I didn’t realise controlled my choices I had been making. I think the coaching skills I learnt are still a work in progress. Making changes is at this stage (after 4 sessions) a choice, but with practice will become an unconscious decision. I am happy with what was covered. I found Sandra to be consistent in her approach to me. She challenged my thinking and beliefs. I found that Sandra was supportive, caring and interested. Sandra gave constructive tasks and exercises to support our sessions. Sandra was respectful of my feelings.”

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