Coaching – what is it?

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Life Coaching can help you identify and release limiting patterns and beliefs that diminish your ability to feel happy and energised, by working with you in the following ways:

  • Challenge you to focus on what’s right with you, not what’s wrong …
  • Overcome limitations and perceived barriers …
  • Allow you to let go of the past and learn from your experiences …
  • Clarify your vision, and inspire you to live it …
  • Help you to create more meaning in your life and build upon that …

‘Holistic’ Life Coaching provides the inspiration, support and encouragement to enable you to visualise your dreams, awaken them to reality, and live an extraordinary life.

‘For life to become the way I desire, I shall embrace change.’

Have you noticed how people give most of their energy away focussing on what’s ‘wrong’ with their lives, rather than what’s ‘right’? Human nature and social conditioning appear to have evolved to the extent that we find the dark side, not the bright side, at any given opportunity.

There’s a saying in life coaching ‘What you give energy to grows and expands’.

So what would YOU like to give your energy to?

Which side do you think best serves YOU?

In the words of Clem McGrath, Director of Life Coach Associates:

Holistic Coaching is an empowering relationship that enables you to create real sustainable change in yourself and your life.  Using an holistic, awareness-based approach, your coach will help you identify opportunities and options that will bring greater purpose, clarity and satisfaction.”  

The International Coach Federation, of which I am a member, have a very informative page on coaching that you may also find helpful.

An investment in your self

Life is short.

If you don’t feel you’re getting the best out of it, then maybe it’s time to invest in your ‘self’ and discover ways of awakening to all the possibilities there are for YOU?

Click on this link to arrange a complimentary, no-obligation discussion, to see if Holistic Life Coaching is for you.

Or give me a call on +44 7456001553

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